Draft MTA Summer Guide Page

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View the Pulse of NYC Through our Window. Explore Brooklyn’s Flatbush Junction

@Flatbush Junction, Diversity is Reflected in our Dinning, Shopping and Attitude

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One Love from Kookies & Kream our Caribbean flavored and vegan ice cream spot

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Visit Trinidad & Tobago @ Bake & Things

BK 7

Get your street cred @ Bulletproof Comics

BK 14

Jerky Pizza experience @ 2181 Italian Bros

BK 47

“New skin, who dis?” – A Spa with Caribbean sophisitication

BK 28 (1)

Explore the Caribbean style vegan experience @ Ital Fusion

BK 1 (1)

Refresh your thoughts at Jupioca

BK 27 (1)

Jerky Burgers at Island Burger

BK 20

Our subway station is right in the heart of Flatbush Junction

BK 22

Rain or shine, Flatbush Junction buzzes with activity

BK 23

We started the photocake business in Brooklyn, and we still run things


Visit  businesses in Flatbush Junction

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