What is Odyssey Across Africa and Diaspora “Cooking Class”?

An in-person or Virtual edition on (Zoom/Instagram) cooking class where chefs showcase dishes from across Africa and the Diaspora (of African descent). Highlighting our chefs and culinary professionals.

Would I get cooking ingredients? Yes the chef will send a list of ingredients for the dish.

Where would the classes be hosted? You choose. We have both virtual and in-person classes (the chef usually decides) Virtual classes are held usually on Zoom (We advise to do a test run a day before your event to ensure a smooth audio visual experience for attendees).  

How do I pay? Payments are made via ticketing website

.What is your refund/cancellation policy? You can cancel 80% refund) up to 7 days prior to date of event. You get a 100% refunds if event is cancelled by the chef or by us. 

How many participants? 5 to 20 per class

How long is the class? As long as it takes – usually 45 – 90 minutes

Will I get the event video? You get an event video for all virtual events upon request.

Please email [email protected] for all questions