What is African Restaurant Week?

A celebration of African-inspired cuisine and culture. Supporting chefs, restaurants and small businesses. This city wide brings people from all backgrounds together

What to expect during African Restaurant Week? Reduced price menus at participating restaurants. Various events including food festival, cooking classes, chef-hosted gathering and more

Which cities are hosting African Restaurant Week? Full list of cities coming out by January 15. Host cities include New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, LA and more.

Who participates in African Restaurant Week? Chefs, restaurant owners, foodies, entrepreneurs, local businesses and more. Local residents, community leaders, world travelers and more.

Which Restaurants can Participate in African Restaurant Week? Restaurants that sell African-inspired cuisine  – African restaurants, Caribbean and African-American.

.How can one participate? You can participate as a restaurant, vendor at a festival, chef hosting an event and as a sponsor (for brand exposure). Contact us at [email protected]

How can I support African restaurant week? Share with friends, get tickets to our various events, visit your local restaurant, volunteer and  sponsor.

How Can I be a sponsor of African Restaurant Week? Contact us at [email protected] for all details.

African Restaurant Week is a commitment to community development and social impact and we are asking you to be part of it.

For all questions please email – [email protected]